The Toro-Titanium-Tube is a lightweight gantry support structure that allows you to reduce the moving mass of your printer. However, its biggest advantage is a thermal expansion coefficient of Titanium. It is very similar to that of steel. This means, there is no more bi-metal effect of the x-axis. This ensures you get a perfect first layer every time.

Comparison with aluminium extrusion

2020 Extrusion311g261g211g
Weight saving104g

Due to the constant optimization of the manufacturing process the weight of the shipped tubes might be slightly higher or lower than the values stated above.
One thing that has to be pointed out: Due to the nature of Titanium it is very hard to process. As a result it is not as straight/flat as our Aluminium tubes. So you if you want a flat mesh (which is not really necessary), you have to use Kapton Tape. But since you have no time depended deformation anymore, Klippers Bed Mesh algorithm can be applied to compensate this. There were intensive Beta Tests with users from the community and they have not found this to be a big problem. However, the very stable first layer was noted as a big improvement over their previous tubes. Due to the tolerances might be necessary to increase the width/height of the rectengular cutout of the XY joiners slight. Altough most of the testers simply pushed them in with a little force. The pictures were provided by customers (thank you!) and uploaded with their permission.